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April 11, 2017

3 Ways to Sell Yourself in a Sales Interview

Work in sales? Do you have a sales job interview coming up? Here are 3 Ways to Sell Yourself in a Sales Interview and help you get the job.

Rhys Metler

As a sales professional, selling yourself in a sales interview can be a particular challenge. The interviewers are likely well versed in sales tactics and strategies, making it more difficult for you, even as a sales rep, to sell yourself to them as an ideal fit for the open position, organizational culture, and company.

Alison Doyle from the balance illustrates a sales professional’s goal when being interviewed for a sales position:

“Your job in a sales interview is to sell yourself as a salesman, and this is an ideal chance to showcase your skills with this important question you’ll likely be asked upfront: What are you interested in selling and how is that applicable to our company?”

You will be asked this, or a similar question, during the interview, and how well you answer the question will help sell yourself as an ideal candidate. It’s also an opportunity to show your sales skills and approach to selling a prospect.

“Demonstrate the research you’ve done on the company and discuss why you want to sell their specific products or services. Talk about your understanding of the company’s product and sales strategies and how it relates to your past experience, using examples and anecdotes where possible,” Doyle suggests.

3 Tips to Sell Yourself During a Sales Interview

Here are some more specific ways you can sell yourself during a sales job interview:

1. Use the right terminology and show your knowledge:

Your goal is to show the interviewer that you are right for the job. Do this by showing them how knowledgeable you are about relevant sales strategies, the industry and products you’ll be selling, and your approach to prospecting, nurturing leads, and closing deals.

2. Be a salesperson:

It’s what they are looking for, right? Be engaging, conversational, and do your best to earn the interviewer’s trust to establish a relationship – the same thing you would do if you were trying to sell a prospect.

3. Close the interviewer:

Once the interviewer has exhausted their list of questions and the interview is coming to an end, it’s time for you to close the deal. Explain how you are the solution (ideal candidate) they are looking for. By selling yourself and closing the “sale,” you are giving them a glimpse of what you are capable of doing if hired.

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