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September 13, 2018

5 Questions You MUST Ask When Interviewing for a Sales Position in the Legal Sector

The questions you ask during job interviews can be the difference between hiring a great candidate and making a hiring mistake. Job interviews are your opportunity to find someone who…

Rhys Metler

The questions you ask during job interviews can be the difference between hiring a great candidate and making a hiring mistake. Job interviews are your opportunity to find someone who can better your organization. Therefore, it’s important to put the time into developing a strong and focused hiring process.

Sales positions in the legal sector are unique. There is a certain type of sales professional you need to hire to do the job. They need a combination of law and legal experience and strong sales skills. Here are some questions you, as a sales recruiter, should ask as part of your interviewing process:

1. Tell me about your experience in the legal sector

Ideally, you want to find candidates who have a blend of sales and legal sector experience. You want a candidate who has a strong understanding of the law and how sales are conducted in the legal sector.

2. What made you want to work in a sales role in the legal sector?

Everyone has a reason for choosing to work in sales jobs in a particular industry. Some people work in IT sales because they have technology skills, while some prefer a retail setting because they love to work with people. Understand why candidates want to work in the legal sector in a sales position.

3. What legal credentials do you have?

Candidates with legal credentials or educational backgrounds are ideal. These candidates have more than a basic understanding of the industry, and they will be better positioned to sell to legal professionals.

4. What is your approach to selling in the legal sector?

Your sales approach and overall strategy are important. You want candidates who take a similar approach to your organization. Ask this question to see if candidates would be a good fit for your sales environment.

5. Why did you apply to this firm?

There is a reason candidates applied to your firm. Ask this question to find out why they want to work for you. It will give you a good indication of how much research and time they put into the application.

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