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May 17, 2023

5 Killer Interview Questions to Ask Sales Employer to Land The Job

As a sales recruitment agency, we know part of your preparation for a sales job interview should be crafting a few questions that you can ask the interviewer. A job…

sales recruiter Liz Vixner
Elizabeth Vixner

As a sales recruitment agency, we know part of your preparation for a sales job interview should be crafting a few questions that you can ask the interviewer. A job interview is a two-way interaction. You are interviewing and assessing your interest in the potential employer just as much as they are assessing you as a candidate.

Therefore, you should always have some questions prepared to ask the sales employer. This will help you understand if the company is the right fit for you. It will also show the interviewer that you put time into preparation and have a real interest in the position.

Our sales recruiters have put together a list of 5 example killer interview questions to ask on your next job interview:

1. Can you describe the company’s sales process? How it supports the success of its sales team?

Ask this question to show your interest in understanding the company’s sales approach and how they enable their sales team to achieve success. It shows that you value a structured and supportive sales environment, which can help you determine if the company’s sales process aligns with your own work style and preferences.

2. How do you measure and evaluate the performance of your sales team?

By asking this question, you show your interest in performance evaluation and your desire to be part of a company that values data-driven decision-making. It also provides insight into how the company sets expectations and rewards top performers, which can give you an idea of the potential for growth and recognition within the organization.

Interview Questions to Ask Sales Employer to Land The Job

3. What strategies do you employ to motivate your sales team?

Understanding how the company motivates and incentivizes its sales team is crucial to determine if the organization offers the right environment for your personal growth and success. This question allows you to gauge the company’s approach to sales team motivation, such as commission structures, bonuses, recognition programs, or professional development opportunities.

4. How does the company support sales training and professional development?

A company that invests in sales training and professional development demonstrates a commitment to the growth and success of its sales team. Asking this question shows your dedication to continuous improvement and your desire to work in an environment that fosters learning and skill development. It can also help you assess the company’s investment in your long-term career progression.

5. Can you provide examples of successful sales campaigns or initiatives that the company has implemented recently?

This question allows you to gain insight into the company’s recent sales successes and initiatives. By asking for specific examples, you demonstrate your interest in understanding the company’s sales strategies and its ability to execute successful campaigns. It also gives you an opportunity to assess the company’s innovation, market awareness, and potential for growth.

Remember, while these questions can be valuable during an interview, it’s important to tailor them to the specific company and role you are applying for. Researching the company beforehand will help you ask insightful and relevant questions that showcase your genuine interest in the role.

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sales recruiter Liz Vixner

Elizabeth Vixner

Elizabeth is a sales recruiter that has led and developed multiple top sales teams in Canada in the Automotive, Retail, and Sports Industries. With 6+ years of corporate sales experience, she knows what separates a good salesperson from a great salesperson. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing and Accounting with Honours from the Schulich School of Business at York University.