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June 7, 2018

4 Phrases That Will KILL Your Sales Demonstration

Have a sales demonstration coming up? A sales person’s job is to do much more than just sell. You need to educate your customers, help them solve problems, and expertly…

Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter
Jace Ermidis

Have a sales demonstration coming up? A sales person’s job is to do much more than just sell. You need to educate your customers, help them solve problems, and expertly position your products and services as the best solution. Sales demonstrations are the most effective way to connect with customers, further your relationship and move closer to closing the deal.

What you say during sales demonstrations can make or break the deal. There are certain things you should never say to customers.

Here’s a list from our sales recruiters on 4 phrases that will kill your sales demonstration:

1. I will do whatever it takes…

This phrase reeks of desperation. It conveys that you are desperate to make the deal happen and can be seen as a sign of weakness. Customers may question the quality of your solutions and reasons why you are so willing to make the deal happen.

Savvy customers will take advantage of this offer to get a better price or have more added to the deal, which could cut into profit margin and your commission (if they still want to work with you).

2. To be completely honest with you…

Even though it’s a commonly used phrase, saying this may cause customers to question if you were being honest with them in the past. Even if you use this phrase to get their attention or you just say it as part of a conversation, it often doesn’t work as planned.

Many customers feel misled; they might be scared off and want to explore other options to verify information before moving forward with you.

3. Let’s talk soon…

Avoid leaving a prospect questioning when you will be in contact next. Always let them know the next steps in the process. Do you want them to read over information? Get them to commit? Tell them what the next steps are and when you will be contacting them. If you don’t, they may move on to another option.

4. If you don’t choose us, you’ll regret it.

Saying this comes off as pushy. In fact, if you feel the need to say this, you probably didn’t do a good enough job of showing the value of how your products or services can help the customer solve their needs.

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Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter

Jace Ermidis

With 10 years of sales, management, and recruitment experience across multiple industries, Jace has helped numerous businesses (including many Fortune 500 companies) build high performing, quota smashing Sales teams. Jace provides an honest and consultative experience, while helping his clients hire smarter, faster, and more confidently! When he’s not networking with Toronto’s best Sales talent, Jace likes to travel, snowboard, and watch sports.