7 years ago
October 10, 2017

4 Genius Ways to Use LinkedIn as a Sales Tool

Sales recruiters agree LinkedIn can be a highly effective sales tool. It offers sales professionals a variety of features and options that can help you qualify prospects, nurture leads, network,…

Rhys Metler

Sales recruiters agree LinkedIn can be a highly effective sales tool. It offers sales professionals a variety of features and options that can help you qualify prospects, nurture leads, network, and convert prospects into paying customers.

Here are 4 genius ways to use LinkedIn as a sales tool:

1. Use the Sales Navigator sales tool

Sales Navigator is designed specifically for sales professionals. It provides you with specific tools to find leads and close deals, all from the same interface. Through advanced search options, you can zero in on prospects, key decision makers, and gain sales insights you can use to better serve your customers.

There are a number of sales tool options based on your needs. It is available for individuals, teams, and enterprise solutions. Check out the free trial and see if Sales Navigator is ideal for you.

2. Share content to become a go-to sales expert

One of the many reasons people frequent LinkedIn is for information. It is one of the best sources of business information online. Sales reps can tap into this by sharing stories and creating content that is important to their prospects and current customers.

Sharing content allows you to instantly reach your customers and prospects in an indirect way – keeping you top of mind. It also allows you to share your unique insights and build rapport.

3. Use LinkedIn Groups to connect with prospects

LinkedIn Groups is a highly effective place to connect with potential customers without having to connect with them directly. All you need to do is join groups where your prospects reside.

Becoming part of these groups allows you to engage and interact with potential prospects. More importantly, it provides you with insights about a prospect’s company, what is happening, pain points, and other important information you can use during your sales presentation. Plus, it will help you identify additional connections and prospects. Finding the right group can be like a honey hole.

4. Use the search function to identify prospects

LinkedIn has an advanced search function that allows you to narrow your search by location, company, job title, and keywords. These search filters allow you to dig deeply into your prospect pool and identify people or companies that fit your ideal customer profile.

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Rhys Metler

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