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May 3, 2018

3 Brilliant Interview Tips to Answer ‘What Motivates You to Sell?’

Being prepared for a sales job interview is a key factor to ensure you present your best self. As with most job interviews, there are common questions you can expect…

Rhys Metler

Being prepared for a sales job interview is a key factor to ensure you present your best self. As with most job interviews, there are common questions you can expect from your sales recruiter during the sales interview process, and you need to be ready to answer them.

One popular question hiring managers like to ask is “What motivates you to sell?”

It’s a great question, and how you answer can provide hiring companies with a lot of insights into you as a candidate and as a sales professional.

Why Do Interviewers Ask “What Motivates You to Sell?”

There is a reason why interviewers keep this question in their repertoire. It provides them with a lot of information about the candidate and opens the door to a number of follow-up questions.

Asking the question allows hiring companies to understand whether or not you will be a good fit for company culture. It also tells them what motivates you to perform.

Having a motivation that fits within company culture makes you a good match for the company.

Hiring managers and sales recruiters also want to see how you react to tough questions of this nature. If you can sell what motivates you, it’s a good indication of your sales skills and ability to sell yourself.

Tips to Answer “What Motivates You to Sell?”

TIP 1: Don’t give a generic or vague response

Don’t use an answer you find online. It will be pretty obvious to the interviewer if you are reciting something you found online.

TIP 2: Give a deep and detailed response

What motivates you is a very personal thing. It is a good thing to think about and understand what actually motivates you to sell. Are you motivated by sales? Do you want to be the top performing rep? Do you want to make your manager proud? If you are motivated by money, why?

TIP 3:  Use the question to show your character

Sales companies want good people to work for them. Use the question to show your character, positive attitude, and how you are a team player. It is an open-ended question you can use to sell yourself in addition to your sales focus.

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