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August 24, 2023

What Sales Hiring Managers Should Wear to a Job Interview

What you wear in a job interview will say a lot about you. It creates a first impression – hopefully a positive one. While much attention is given to what…

Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter
Jace Ermidis

What you wear in a job interview will say a lot about you. It creates a first impression – hopefully a positive one. While much attention is given to what sales job candidates should wear during an interview, what a sales manager wears is just as important especially if you are competing for highly sought-after sales talent.

With this in mind, our sales recruiters have put together a list of common sense tips for what sales hiring managers should wear when interviewing candidates:

1. Stick To A Professional Dress Code

When preparing to interview job candidates, projecting a professional image is essential. This begins with your choice of attire. Opt for formal business attire. Business casual may be appropriate if it aligns with your company culture. The best colours for this purpose are neutral shades such as black, navy blue, or gray. These colours exude a sense of authority and seriousness that can help set the right tone for the interview. But a pop of colour is also okay.

2. Wear A Button-Up Shirt or Blouse

Regardless of gender, a crisp button-up shirt or blouse is a staple in any professional wardrobe. This item is a versatile component of your attire. Choose a solid colour that conveys a sense of professionalism—ensuring that the shirt or blouse is flawlessly ironed and well-fitted is crucial. This attention to detail can enhance your overall appearance and instill a sense of confidence in both you and the candidate.

What Sales Hiring Managers Should Wear to a Job Interview

3. Tailored Bottoms

The choice of bottoms is another vital aspect of your outfit. For men, well-fitted dress trousers offer a classic and sophisticated look. These trousers should be comfortable, well-tailored, and fall crisply over your dress shoes. Women have the option to choose between a skirt and dress pants. Whichever you select, ensure that the length is appropriate for a professional setting and that the fit is flattering and comfortable.

4. Appropriate Footwear

Your choice of footwear significantly contributes to your overall appearance. Dress shoes are a must and keeping them well-maintained is essential. Choose black or dark brown leather shoes as they effortlessly match a variety of outfit colours. These shoes should be clean, polished, and in good condition.

5. Keep Accessories To A Minimum

Accessories can add a touch of personal style to your outfit, but it’s important to exercise restraint in a professional setting. A simple wristwatch is a timeless accessory that serves a practical purpose while adding a dash of sophistication. Should you choose to wear jewelry, opt for discreet pieces that don’t overpower your attire. Remember, the goal is to enhance your professional image rather than divert attention away from the interview.

6. Look Your Best

Grooming and personal hygiene play a pivotal role in making a positive impression during the interview. Begin with your hair, which should be neatly styled and well-groomed. Trimmed nails reflect attention to detail and personal care. If you have facial hair, ensure it’s well-groomed and neatly maintained. These seemingly minor aspects collectively contribute to a polished appearance that signals professionalism and respect for the candidate.

By paying meticulous attention to each of these elements, you’re poised to create a lasting impression that conveys your professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the interview process. Your attire is not just clothing; it represents your commitment to the task at hand.

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Jace Ermidis Toronto Sales Recruiter

Jace Ermidis

Jace is a sales recruiter with almost a decade of experience building high-performing sales teams in North America, across Europe, Asia, and Australia. He also has plenty of tips to help your sales team increase revenue!