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February 4, 2020

To Send or Not to Send? 5 Tips to Use Texting as a Sales Tool

Thinking about texting a sales client? The platform you use to communicate with your prospects and customers matters. There are lots of ways you can connect and engage with prospects…

Rhys Metler

Thinking about texting a sales client? The platform you use to communicate with your prospects and customers matters.

There are lots of ways you can connect and engage with prospects and customers. You can meet with them in person, over the phone, email, social media, and even text.

Texting is one of the preferred methods of communication today. It has crept into the business world, as well. More and more companies are strategically using text as a sales tool. Are you? Thinking about it?

Here, our Toronto sales recruiters discuss why you should seriously consider using text as a sales tool. We’ll also provide you with 5 tips for when and how to use texting as part of your sales process.

Why Use Texting?

If you want to connect with your customers and prospects, texting is a valuable tool to use. There is one vital stat that points to why you should use texting as a sales tool:

Text messages have an open rate of 98%!!!!!

Email marketing only has about a 20% message open rate. Text messaging is also instantaneous, and people will immediately get a phone notification of the message. Most text messages are read within a few minutes.

With more than 95% of the world’s population with a mobile device today, it’s clear text messaging can be a great way to communicate with customers if done the right way.

1. When to Use It

Texting is still a very personal form of communication. People generally don’t give out their mobile phone number to just anyone. Here are some general rules for when to use texting to communicate with prospects:

  • Do not use texting to send an initial communication.
  • Send texts only after you’ve had an initial call or in-person meeting with a client.
  • Stick to business hours – don’t send texts when people typically are not in the office.

2. Get Permission First

Every prospect is different. Some are fine with text messages. Others are not. Therefore, it’s a risk to send text messages unless you are clear on communication preferences. It’s advisable to get permission first. Failure to get permission could cause a prospect to disengage or take a step back. Plus, you will know immediately if texting is a viable sales tool you can use to speak with your prospects.

3. The Wrong Types of Messages to Send

Just like other forms of communication, there are certain rules you should follow. Texting is no different. Here are some things to avoid:

  • Personal conversations: Avoid sparking up personal conversations with prospects.
  • Just checking in: Avoid pestering a client. Don’t send a text just for the sake of sending a text.
  • A message without a purpose: There must be a purpose to your message. Don’t spam a prospect with information about your products/services if they didn’t ask for it.
  • Missed calls/emails: Don’t use text as a way to inquire about why a prospect has not returned your call or responded to your email.

Toronto sales recruiters explain what not to say to clients over text

4. The Right Types of Messages to Send

Texting is ideal for short, quick communications. Here are some situations where texting a sales client can be effective:

  • Meeting availability: Checking to see when they are available for a call or in-person meeting.
  • Confirmation: Confirming the time, date, and location of a meeting. Sending directions to the meeting.
  • Answering questions: If a client asked a question, you can provide a response. It can also be effective to send them a link for more information.
  • A client texts you: If a client texts you, use text to quickly respond. You may need to provide a more detailed response in an email or over the phone.

5. Getting the Most Out of Text Messaging

Use these tips to maximize the effectiveness of text messaging as part of your sales process:

  • Always offer value: Before you send that text, ask yourself, “What value am I providing?” If you are not creating value, you could become more of an annoyance than help.
  • Use the right tone: You don’t want to be too personal or too formal. Find a happy medium. Try to be conversational, as if you are having an in-person meeting. Know your audience.
  • Have a CTA: Don’t forget the sales process. Always have a CTA prepared. Have the next steps ready or an action you want the prospect to take to further the sales process.
  • Limit Text Use: How often you use text is important. Use it occasionally for quick communication. If you are sending multiple messages back and forth to a prospect, an email or a phone call may be a better choice.

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