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September 28, 2023

The 7 Most Common Sales Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

If you’ve been on your fair share of sales job interviews, you probably noticed a trend in the types of questions sales managers and sales recruiters like to ask candidates….

sales recruiter Liz Vixner
Elizabeth Vixner

If you’ve been on your fair share of sales job interviews, you probably noticed a trend in the types of questions sales managers and sales recruiters like to ask candidates. There are certain questions you can expect, so it’s important to be ready to answer them.

Even if you are new to the sales job search process, knowing the types of questions to expect from sales headhunters can help you prepare better for an upcoming interview. Below, our sales recruiters have put together a list of 7 of the most common sales interview questions, along with sample answers.

Question 1: Can you tell me about your previous sales experience?

Sample Answer: “I have over X years of experience in B2B sales, where I consistently exceeded my sales targets by an average of 15% annually. In my previous role at ABC Company, I spearheaded a successful sales campaign that resulted in a 25% revenue increase within the first quarter.”

Question 2: How do you handle rejection and objections from potential clients?

Sample Answer: “I view rejection as an opportunity to learn and improve. I listen carefully to objections, empathize with the client’s concerns, and address them with persuasive and informative responses. By understanding their objections, I can tailor my pitch to better meet their needs.”

Question 3: What sales strategies have you used to acquire new clients or close deals in the past?

Sample Answer: “I’ve employed various strategies, including cold calling, networking at industry events, and leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential clients. Additionally, I focus on building strong relationships and providing exceptional customer service to nurture leads into long-term clients.”

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Question 4: How do you prioritize and manage your sales pipeline?

Sample Answer: “I use a CRM system to track leads and opportunities. I have extensive experience with XYZ CRM. I prioritize leads based on factors like their potential value, timeline, and fit with our products or services. This helps me allocate my time effectively and ensures that I focus on the most promising prospects first.”

Question 5: Give an example of a challenging sales situation you faced and how you overcame it.

Sample Answer: “Once, I encountered a client who had concerns about our product’s price being too high. I arranged a meeting to thoroughly explain the product’s value and benefits, highlighting how it would ultimately save them money. By addressing their concerns and providing a customized solution, I successfully closed the deal.”

Question 6: How do you stay motivated and meet sales targets consistently?

Sample Answer: “I stay motivated by setting clear, achievable goals for myself. I break down larger targets into smaller, manageable milestones, which helps me stay on track and motivated. Additionally, I seek inspiration from successful mentors and regularly update my sales skills through training and self-improvement.”

Question 7: What do you believe are the most important qualities for a successful salesperson?

Sample Answer: “I believe that effective communication, empathy, and persistence are crucial qualities for a successful salesperson. Being able to understand and address a client’s needs, actively listen, and adapt your approach are key to building trust and closing deals. Persistence is essential because rejection is part of the job, and it’s the ability to bounce back and keep trying that sets successful salespeople apart.”

Even though our sales recruiters have provided sample answers above, it’s essential for you to make your answers your own. Add your own experience, anecdotes, and examples and apply your response to the specific sales job.

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sales recruiter Liz Vixner

Elizabeth Vixner

Elizabeth is a sales recruiter that has led and developed multiple top sales teams in Canada in the Automotive, Retail, and Sports Industries. With 6+ years of corporate sales experience, she knows what separates a good salesperson from a great salesperson. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing and Accounting with Honours from the Schulich School of Business at York University.