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October 17, 2017

The 5 Profiles of Sales Reps. Who Sells the Best?!

As sales recruiters, we know that no two sales reps are the same. In fact, there are many different approaches and sales styles that are used by reps, even when…

Rhys Metler

As sales recruiters, we know that no two sales reps are the same. In fact, there are many different approaches and sales styles that are used by reps, even when they work for the same company. There is always more than one way to close a sale.

But, the question is, which one is best? Which types of sales reps are most common? Which sales reps are most likely to close?

Types of Sales Reps

Sales reps are generally categorized into one of five profiles:

1. The hard worker:

They are willing to go above and beyond to close a sale. They are self-motivated and don’t give up easily. According to the book The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon, about 21% of reps fall into this category.

2. The relationship builder:

They get along with almost everyone. They focus on building trusting relationships with clients and coworkers. They are the person who is always willing to help. 20% of reps fall into this category.

3. The problem solver:

They are focused on helping clients solve problems and take a customer service approach to sales. 14% of reps fit this profile.

4. The lone wolf:

These are the cowboys of sales. They are not afraid to break the rules and do things their own way. 18% of reps identify this way.

5. Challengers:

They have a detailed understanding of the sales process and the customers’ business needs. They focus on educating the customer first and then focusing on closing a sale. They challenge their customer’s thinking, sometimes too much. 27% of reps fit the category.

Who Sells the Best?

It’s clear that sales reps fall somewhat evenly within the five popularly defined profiles. So, which types of reps are most likely to close? Sales Pop put together an infographic that answered this question. Based on Dixon’s book, they found:

  1. Challengers (54%) chance of closing a sale in a complex sales environment
  2. The lone wolf (25%)
  3. The hard worker (10%)
  4. The problem solver (7%)
  5. The relationship builder (4%)

It’s clear that challengers and lone wolves are dialled in when it comes to closing. This is something to consider when hiring sales reps.

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