9 years ago
January 6, 2015

Canadian Job Numbers Released: What They Mean for Sales Hiring

SalesForce Search CEO Matt Cook breaks down what Canada's job numbers mean for sales people and sales hiring.

Rhys Metler

Canada’s labour market is continuing to show signs of growth despite the gloomy outlook around the globe. 22,300 new jobs were created in May bringing the 3 month average to around 27,000 new jobs each month. The unemployment rate dropped to 7.4% which is the lowest level it’s been in more than two years. Some analysts have said that the drop in the unemployment rate has more to do with fewer people looking for work rather than hiring sprees.

From our perspective we would say that the drop has to do with companies hiring. We continue to work on a record number of new sales jobs and in most cases are hiring for multiple sales roles for our clients. This is in stark contrast to even a year ago, when companies began cautiously hiring one person at a time.

From where we sit, the unemployment rate should continue to decline into the fall. Most companies have finished with the cost cutting measures begun in the fall of 2008 and now the focus is about top line revenue growth. This puts ourselves and our candidates in a great position to benefit from the shift in focus. Make sure your resume is up to date and optimized for a sales interview; read our post on 5 Sales Resume Mistakes to Avoid and download a Sample Sales Resume if you’re wondering where to start.

Rhys Metler

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