8 years ago
April 13, 2016

Why New Grads Are Great to Hire for Sales

Here are a few more reasons why new grads are great to hire for sales jobs.

Rhys Metler

New grads are among the most under-tapped groups of eligible candidates for sales jobs. Some organizations mistakenly avoid following up on applications and resumes from new grads in the belief that these individuals do not have good enough experience in sales jobs. In fact, entry level sales jobs are some of the most common experiences new grads have, and many of these individuals have been successful enough to pursue sales as a post-graduate career. Here are a few more reasons why new grads are great to hire for sales jobs.

New Grads Are Highly Trainable

The more receptive a sales person is to coaching and training, the better results that person is likely to provide. When filling sales jobs at your organization, consider how new grads are receptive to coaching and training:

  • New grads have not accumulated the kind of tenure at an organization that leads to ingrained routines that might not be desirable at your organization.
  • New grads are enthusiastic about learning, and are likely to still have great learning habits from their recent university experience.
  • New grads are part of a generation of acceptance and diversity in culture as well as ideas, and tend to embrace change.

New Grads Are Less Likely to be Turned Aside by “No”

Most new grads who choose to pursue sales jobs after graduation are optimistic by nature. This kind of optimism can be a great benefit to your organization, since it can give new grads the confidence needed to get beyond routine objections and pursue high revenue deals. Such optimism can also help new grads respond well to mentoring and development, which is key for longevity and roles of gradually increasing responsibility for the right candidates.

New Grads May Accept Lower Salaries – While Still Pushing Revenue

As a general rule, the more experienced a sales person is the higher the base salary he or she will expect. New grads pursuing sales jobs at or near the entry level do not have the experience or proven track record to demand higher base salaries. At the same time, new grads can benefit from and be encouraged by the earnings potential of commissions and incentives. Your organization can therefore benefit by saving on hiring costs while potentially seeing the same level of sales from new grads as is seen with more tenured sales people.

New Grads Have Grown Up with Technology

The generation that is currently exiting higher education has had experience with internet and mobile technology for most of their lives. These new grads are highly comfortable learning and engaging with new concepts and ideas. Whether your industry is traditional or cutting edge, these skills can increase your organization’s efficiency and reach. Especially if your organization is on a growth track or looking towards major process changes, new grads can be highly valuable for your available sales jobs.

New Grads Aren’t Afraid to Ask Tough Questions

From generation to generation, cultural norms tend to shift. Over the last several generations it has become more acceptable for people to ask questions that would once have been unthinkable, even for those working in sales jobs. Consider a few of the questions that few would have asked even three decades ago, and how important variations on these questions are today:

  • How will you decide on the ideal partner to help accomplish your goals?
  • What is your budget for this project?
  • Who are the decision makers at your company for this kind of undertaking?

New grads have grown up in an open culture, and are typically comfortable asking fundamental questions that previous generations of sales people were taught to avoid. This can help increase sales by building an open dialogue while reducing the amount of time spent on unqualified leads – a key tenet of sales, and one of the many reasons your organization may want to consider hiring new grads for sales jobs.

Rhys Metler

Rhys is a tenacious, top performing Senior Sales Recruiter with 15+ years of focused experience in the Digital Media, Mobile, Software, Technology and B2B verticals. He has a successful track record of headhunting top performing sales candidates for some of the most exciting brands in North America. He is a Certified Recruitment Specialist (CRS) and has expert experience in prospecting new business, client retention/renewals and managing top performing sales and recruitment teams. Rhys enjoys spending quality time with his wife, son, and daughters, BBQing on a hot summer day and tropical vacations.