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December 11, 2018

Hiring in Media Sales? 6 Creative Questions to Ask

Media sales is a broad industry and there are many different types of sales roles – it could mean selling newspapers, ad space, TV, radio, sponsorships, digital ad space and…

Rhys Metler

Media sales is a broad industry and there are many different types of sales roles – it could mean selling newspapers, ad space, TV, radio, sponsorships, digital ad space and much more.

As a sales recruiter hiring sales reps for media sales jobs, it’s important to get a good grasp on whether or not a candidate will be cut out for selling in this industry. Media sales have specific skills and experience requirements that make them unique.

Here are a number of creative questions to consider including as part of your interview process:

1. Do You Have Experience Working in Other Media Jobs?

A candidate who has previous experience working in the media can have invaluable insight into your customers’ needs, wants, and the common objections they have when making media sales deals.  Asking this question allows you to see if the candidate has deeper insights than others vying for the position. They could also provide you with some great information about how to approach sales and improve your process.

2. What Is Your Selling Style?

Everyone has a unique selling style. It’s important to understand if a candidate’s style is in alignment with your sales process and the overall sales approach within media sales.

3. Explain a Situation Where You Were Able to Prevent a Problem

Issues are bound to happen. But sales reps who take a proactive approach and seek to prevent issues before they arise are a valuable part of your sales team.

4. What Is the Biggest Objection You Face in Media Sales?

Asking about the biggest objection a sales rep faces will provide you with insight into who they are as a rep. The type of objection will say a lot about their style, how far they get in the sales process, and if there are skills you can help them develop.

5. What Is Your Best Tip for Succeeding in Media Sales?

This question will tell you a lot about the sales rep’s experience. It will give you an overview of some of the things the rep does to close deals and meet sales targets.

6. What Do You Like About Media Sales? What Don’t You Like About It?

Asking this question will give you a good insight into the rep’s strengths, weaknesses, and preferences for the type of work they enjoy.


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