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June 22, 2017

4 Ways to Show Your Accomplishments in a Sales Interview Without Bragging

Want to put your best foot forward during an interview? Here are 4 Ways to Show Your Accomplishments in a Sales Interview Without Bragging

Rhys Metler

Job interviews are your chance to communicate what you have accomplished in the past and how you can do the same for the hiring company, if given the opportunity. However, if you are not careful, you can easily come off as being a braggart, rather than a qualified and accomplished candidate.

Talking about your accomplishments is important. “By talking openly about our accomplishments, we have a greater chance of being remembered and not forgotten,” says John Corcoran on Business Insider.

Being memorable is a sure-fire way to keep your name in the minds of hiring companies and increases your chances of getting a call back or job offer. But there is a fine line.

So, how so you show your accomplishments in a sales interview without bragging? By doing it subtly.

How to Subtly Share Past Accomplishments

Here are a few simple strategies to share your past successes without looking like a braggart:

1. Bring a portfolio:

Bringing a portfolio to a job interview is common. Many professionals do it as a way to provide examples of their capabilities. It’s also a great tool to share your past successes without boasting about them. It allows you to share your accomplishments without actually having to talk about them or be the one to bring them up.

2. Show appreciation:

When talking about a previously successful sales campaign or achievement, always give credit where it’s due. Talk about the efforts of other team members and how you were part of the success, not the sole reason for it.

3. Communicate the effort:

Focusing on talking about the effort that went into a past achievement will not only communicate your success, it will also show that you are willing to work hard to make things happen. Show that you are aware of the effort and work that is required to achieve great things.

4. Don’t dwell:

Talking about your past successes will come up during an interview. Mentioning them is fine and will be part of your conversation, but make sure you are brief. Going on and on about accomplishments can turn people off, and it could appear as though you are all about you.


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