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May 8, 2018

2 Fearless Ways to End Your Sales Interview and Win the Job

It’s important for sales professionals to leave a lasting impression when they walk out the door after a sales interview. You want to be memorable, and you want to persuade…

Rhys Metler

It’s important for sales professionals to leave a lasting impression when they walk out the door after a sales interview. You want to be memorable, and you want to persuade the sales recruiter or hiring manager to choose you for the job.

Like any type of sales meeting, you need to end with a strong closing strategy. One that will motivate your audience (the hiring company) to take the desired action (hire you).

The vast majority of sales job interviews will end with the recruiter asking if you have any final questions or things you would like to say. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression and win the job.

Rather than ask typical questions about company culture and your job duties, if you’ve already decided the job meets your needs, then you need to take a more aggressive approach to end your sales interview.

Fearless Ways to End Your Sales Interview

If you really want the job, you need to be proactive and prove you want it. Here are some fearless ways to end your sales interview with confidence:

1.     Ask for the job

If you want something bad enough, sometimes you just need to ask for it. While there is no doubt that asking if you have the job is an aggressive move, it’s a move that shows your desire and passion to work for the company.

Even though most companies will not give you an answer directly, you will definitely leave an impression on the interviewer. Just make sure to ask in a way that fits the dialogue you’ve had throughout the interview.

2.     Ask the sales recruiter if there is anything else worth discussing

Not every job interview will go great. You may not have good chemistry with the interviewer, you may get asked questions that you struggle with, or you may simply be a little off that day.

If you feel like you are in the running but not the front-runner, ask the interviewer if there is anything else they would like to know that could convince them you are the best candidate.

The interviewer may simply say no and you can let them know you are happy to answer follow-up question later. Or they could ask for more work samples or clarification about your experience and work history. Either way, you will have a good idea where you stand.

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