5 Ways We Help You Save Time

01 Proven AARC™ Process

Hiring sales people is tough because they’re all good at selling themselves yet only 55% will make their quota and only 20% will prove to be top performers. Our proven AARC™ (can we have a pop up that spells it out: Attributed Anticipated Reference Check?) process helps you avoid the 3-6X base salary cost of a mis-hire.

02 We Only Send The Best

Your time is better spent managing your business. We’ll do the hard work identifying, recruiting and evaluating the best candidates so you don’t waste time interviewing duds.

03 Proactive Approach

The top performers are the ones not looking for a job. Through 20,000 interviews and counting, our proactive process finds the top salespeople before they hit the market.

04 Reduce Hire Time By 65%

Not having someone in the chair selling costs you money. We deliver a list of resumes in 5 days and reduce your time to hire by 65%.

05 Guaranteed Results

We guarantee our results.

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