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SalesForce Search has combined best sales recruiting practices, client feedback and proprietary technologies to develop a unique process of recruiting top sales people for your company.


SalesForce Search works with our clients to provide them with up to date information about sales recruiting, sales compensation, sales hiring best practices and other sales resources.


SalesHub is an online sales and marketing platform improves the effectiveness of your sales team by generating leads from your website. Our partner, SalesHub can help you drive more revenue through your website.


Before you begin recruiting your next sales person, you may have questions about sales recruitment process, sales compensation, sales job descriptions or sales process. Our experts can help.


At SalesForce Search we are committed to helping our candidates find the best sales jobs. We invest time in making sure your experience will lead to the right type of sales job for you.


The SalesForce Search blog is a daily publication highlighting sales recruitment, sales prospecting sales tips, sales trends and sales insights we learn as recruiters of sales people across North America.

How Sales Recruiters Can Help Your Business

As sales recruiters, we know how hard it is to find top sales people. Sales recruiting is something that your organization should always be doing in order to ensure you have a good bench of sales people in the wings at all times. Our sales recruiting video will shed some light on sales hiring challenges and how the sales recruiters at SalesForce Search can help.

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How to Write a Great Sales Job Description

Learn how to write a sales job description that will attract the best sales people.

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Hiring Multiple Sales People Across North America

Our client is a globally recognized software company who was searching for multiple senior sales executives across North America. They had an internal recruitment team as well as used other outside recruitment agencies with little luck. These reps carried a large quota and every day that these roles weren't filled meant they were going to be further and further away from hitting their company's revenue targets.

Download our case study to see how we worked with their internal recruitment team to get these roles filled in a timely manner.


We help companies

hire great sales people

As sales recruiters, we help hundreds of companies every year throughout North America find and hire great sales people who will hit their sales targets. Because we only recruit sales people, we also know how hard it is for companies to identify, attract and retain top sales talent. Consider some of the facts below:


There are over 22 million sales professionals in North America.


40% will miss quota.


22% are untrainable
and only 10% will provide a ROI.


Sales team turnover is
over 40% per year.


32% of all sales people
have been with their company
for less than 12 months.


The cost of a sales hiring
mistake can be up to six to ten times
a sales person's base salary.

Our job as sales recruiters is to find you sales people that will hit their sales quotas, fit in with your sales culture and stay with your company for a long period of time. We have recruited sales people for hundreds of companies just like yours. As sales recruiters, our thorough process ensures you only hire the best available sales person and save you time and money by not making a hiring mistake.

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Training and On-boarding Your New Sales Rep

You just hired a new sales rep, are you prepared to get them up to speed?

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