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recruiting agency fill sales rolesIf you have been on the fence about using a recruitment agency to fill sales roles, now is the time to seriously consider it. The use of recruitment agencies is on the rise as more companies discover that in order to fill this type of specialized position, you need the help of people how understand sales and what to look for in a candidate.

Let's take a look at just a few of the reasons why companies turn to a recruitment agency.

1. Your turnover rates are unacceptably high.

While it is pretty common to have a higher turnover rate than average with sales jobs, in some cases it can be in excess of 40%. This type of turnover means that your HR department is working harder than it should in trying to fill these sales job positions and the constant turnover will definitely hurt your bottom line and keep you from meeting your goals.

A recruitment agency can place candidates with your organization that are already pre-screened, known for their sales abilities and they already have a strong sales background. This is much better than posting an ad and bringing in people off the street who don't have any clue about sales and will not stay long with your company.

2. You are not finding the right kind of candidates for your sales jobs.

Your HR department is used to hiring regular job candidates -- they look for skill sets, prior experience and a willingness to do the job. When you're hiring for sales jobs however, this is not the best approach to use. A recruitment agency is much more specialized in how they conduct a candidate search.

A recruitment agency is going to look for specific qualities that are inherent to sales people, such as self motivation, a desire to succeed and achieve, self confidence and strong relationship building skills. They discover these traits through their unique interview process which is more effective than the standard hiring process.

3. Your sales team consistently doesn't meet their goals.

High turnover rates affect your bottom line in more ways than you know. If your team is constantly changing, your managers are going to be hard pressed to keep everyone moving in the same direction. Their time is spent getting new candidates up to speed and existing hires may feel as though they have the freedom to slack off.

By reducing your turnover rates and getting a stream of high quality sales jobs candidates provided by a recruitment agency, you'll see a dramatic difference in how effective your sales team can be.

Take a hard look at your current sales process and where you company is goal wise. If you don't like what you see, now is the time to seriously consider working with a recruitment agency.


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